Adjusting width on responsive editor


I am unable to adjust the width after switching to responsive editor. Is it because I am on the free plan? I am currently stuck on 1080px, unable to drag smaller to 375px.



Have you tried to refresh your editor?

Hi there, @nick.dingler… the behavior you are describing has nothing to do with you being on the free plan. Rather, it is likely related to the layout of the page you are viewing being set to fixed. In other words, if the page is not set up to be responsive, it won’t act in a responsive manner when viewing it in the responsive editor. So, go to the Layout tab of the page’s edit dialog and change the Container layout from fixed to anything else, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hey, thanks so much for your help. I had to manually adjust the px size instead of using the drag feature (drag feature was not working for me).

Thanks again!

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