Newbie needing help!

I have just started with Bubble and need some help making my editor look applicable. As you can see from the image even though my preview page is full width the editor is not. How can I go about sorting this out?

Also on that, what would be the best way to make my page a splash page and be the exact size of the persons screen iradicating the scroll down and scroll across sliders?

If you double click the page you’ll see options look for a box that says fixed width click that box also to make the page mobile friendly in the top corner of your editor you’ll see UI builder and responsive click responsive

Thank you for your help so far, I have done as instructed by your reply however my editor still is not completely the full-width of my editor space.


Uncheck “fixed width”, then you can see how it’ll act by clicking “preview” or “responsive”

That’s just extra space in the editor only click on preview in the top right you’ll see how it actually looks like

What you can do is go to Grids&Borders on the top bar, and change the zoom size. Or just change the page width to match your screen.

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