Admin Panel UI/UX

Hi Bubble community,

I am a new Bubble developer and I am looking for recommendations on how to best organize the admin panel pages.

I have two questions:

  1. What is the best option for organizing the admin panel pages: using the Sidebar tab and tab content, or using the sidebar menu link to new pages?
  2. We need to show the sidebar menu based on the user role. Should we use separate sidebar menus for each user role, or should we show/hide menu items based on the user role?

If you have any good articles or video tutorials that you can share, I would be grateful.

Thank you!

Probably show/hide for each role as there will be crossover between sidebars that you don’t want to duplicate for the sake of easy editing

For your other question, see one of the threads about single page app (SPA) vs multi page app

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As per majority of community SPA is the best way to go for . But currently we only have 12 plus pages right now, and we may need to add more in the future. Will this make it difficult to manage the pages using groups?

Use a reuseable element for each page, show and hide reuseable elements using the sidebar and conditions. Then workflows won’t interfere with each other as they’ll be divided into reuseable elements and your editor will remain relatively lag free.

Absolutely do NOT do SPA if you put the entire SPA on one editor page without reuseable elements!