Is this layout awesome, or not a good idea?

Hi all,

I’ve built an awesome web app on bubble, deployed it and its going great. The only drawback is that navigating pages can be a little slow at some points. So, i was suddenly thinking why dont i just put all the different features on different pages into their own page Group, then copy them all with their respective workflows onto a main page that literally allows for the hiding/showing of the page groups, so for the user its almost like navigating to another page is instantaneous but really its just a group being hidden/shown.

This is a web app, not native mobile app (although I am building one of those using this method).

My question is, is this a good idea, or are there any downsides to this approach?

I could always compromise and only add a few pages as groups. What you thinking?

I think showing/hiding groups is the most popular and recommended way to structure your Bubble app. It’s certainly faster than navigating to different pages.

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Great, was hoping to hear. There does seem to be a noticeable slowdown having a lot of workflows/stuff on one page either. One thing that I have just noticed though is that some groups I’ve copied over, although they are centered in the designer, when in debug mode/live deploy they are shown but shifted across the page and cut off half of the group.

I cant get my head around it - tried fixing width and centering, but as soon as its shown its shifted over. Only happening on a couple of groups the others are perfect, any ideas?

There’s quite a bit of discussion in the forum on this topic. Here’s one thread that discusses the pros and cons, for example:

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