Adobe Custom fonts are not working on mobile

Hi everyone,

I am using Adobe fonts as my custom fonts, it is working fine on my PC, even when I do inspect and I resize the viewport to 320 it is working fine, but when I use my andriod mobile to view the page the custom font isn’t working anymore.

Does anyone has a solution for this "it doesn’t make any sense to me :frowning:


Samsung Note10+:

Hi @ahmed.khodeir.87, did you manage to solve the font problem. I’m having the same problem. Can you help me?

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Hi @jcleonis, No I was unable to solve it, but I will tell you an observation, I am using two custom fonts ( capitolina & Rumba extra ) both from adobe, Rumba extra is not rendering on android no matter what I do, but capitolina is rendering very well, why is this happening I have no clue, so i just decided not to worry to much about such matter at the meanwhile since for a startup there are so many other issues I need to focus on that are more important to me than how the font look at this stage, in a nutshell noone will care about the fonts if I don’t launch, noone will care about the font if I don’t reach them, noone will care about the font if there is no added value. Good luck with your startup and in case I found the solution I will surely get back to you.

Hi @jcleonis have youbread this thread:

Give it a try and let me know if it works this will be very helpful to the community too.