Custom font not rendering on mobile no matter what I do

I have a problem where the custom font I’m using does not render on mobile devices.

I’ve tried to upload it as ttf, otf, and woff.

I have to use it because our landing page (which was created with elementor) and our materials already use this font.

The font is Sanshiro Display

The font on desktop:

The font on mobile:

Can you share screenshots of the text? Do you have any conditionals on it?

  • What kind of mobile device?
  • Does it render correctly on any browser on mobile?
  • When you Inspect → the CSS (assuming you can repro this issue on Google Developer tools), what does it say the font-family is?

No conditions

It’s on iphones on Safari

Test with another font and see if it displays correctly. Also test with different browsers to see if the issue persists. If it does, submit a bug report.

There’s really no apparent reason it shouldn’t display.

Has it been solved yet?