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Adobe Fonts into Bubble

Has anyone managed to figure out how to take font families from adobe fonts and integrate them into their Bubble app?

Adobe fonts give you the path to bring in but it only allows you to bring the regular version of each family.

Apologies in advance for such a beginner question. I thought i’d try everything myself before reaching out and nothing seems to be working!

Hey @tristan2,

Check out this video by @Jeremy at Bubble Education!

Hey Johnny,

Thanks for this! I’ve checked it out. It’s super helpful, the only thing I can’t figure out is downloading an adobe font as it’s on their servers. So taking the CSS files they give me and pointing it to bubble seems tricky.

I can only add one font weight per family. And it’s only the regular weight that is available every time haha.

Hi @tristan2

I’ve struggled with this myself and found a solution.

From Adobe Fonts, you should be able to copy the URL of the CSS file. If you go to that CSS file, you can copy the code, create a new CSS file on your desktop, paste the code and change the name of the font-family (eg: roc-grotesk-medium).

Afterwards, you can upload your own CSS file as described in the video. This way, your own CSS file will still point to the font files hosted on the Typekit/Adobe servers.

Hope it makes sense, please let me know if you need further assistance :slight_smile:


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Hey Peter,

Thanks for reaching out! I have managed to figure this out exactly how you described. Support managed to get back to me fairly sharpish!

Thanks for the tips, hopefully someone else will benefit from this too.