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Adult Content Filtering

I guess there is no such topic so far on the form but as per my understanding its very very important.

I am developing a web-app where users will have an open access to upload contents (text/images). I am really concerned about this anonymity and want to know how to control end users from uploading inappropriate content that may badly impact the incoming traffic to the web page and it can be exploited to completely destroy the app’s social image.

Any suggestions please…

Note: I want this to be fully automated and no manual intervention

No manual intervention as in no human moderation?.. This seems impractical unless you can put 100% trust in an automated solution. Look at the app Yik Yak: they have implemented OCR and machine learning image recognition to block things like pictures of peoples faces and inappropriate words/graphics, but that only covers 25-50% use cases. Any user on your app that WANTS to exploit your system will find a way around it. That is why even the largest apps (think YouTube) have reporting features that allow users of the community to flag bad content; if you were to do this in Bubble I think that would be sufficient for your needs instead of needing OCR and ML involved (which you could do via API).

Create a flag_count variable on your content/data elements. When people flag content, set an auto-trigger that removes the content temporarily and allows a human to moderate anything flagged according to your specifications (ie: 5 flags/hr, 10 flags total, or just 1 flag period).

I agree this is an important discussion, but not one that I think Bubble should be expected to have a solution for built-in. Human moderation should be expected to some degree, nothing lasts (especially ‘social image’) when you let the ship roam free without intervention.

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Some APIs do this.


@philip thanks for the detailed answer. Yes, agreed 100% and nice suggestion for adding control point based on community feedback…:slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! If you’re interested in implementing the SnapFilter API emmanuel linked to I am more than happy to share my API connection details as soon as I get it setup on my own app. It’s too good to pass up! Free for up to 1000 API calls and under $20 for 10k calls. I think a mix of auto-blocking adult imagery with a filter like Snap and moderating reported/flagged content is the way to go.

Even better @philip, make it a plugin :slight_smile:


That might be a good start for me learning how to use the plugin builder. Thanks for the reminder @emmanuel :slight_smile:

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Yes even I am interested how to use plugin builder. and i have no idea where is it and how to use it. please guide me…

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I am working on a plugin for Indico, they have both text and image tagging and have a pretrained model for offensive images. Currently I am trying to figure out all the ins and outs of text tagging with their platform but I plan on adding image eventually. If anybody interested wants to help I would be happy to add it now, I don’t really know what I am doing… just learning as I go, I’m sure a couple of people working on this could get it done pretty quickly.

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