Advanced filter too slow - alternative?


I have an issue with performance… I have a page that shows calculations that are drawn from two different tables. There is a relation between the tables.

I am now using Do a search for (first table), then I am doing filtered by, advanced filter, to filter out the types of things I need, the filter is to be able to fetch data from the other table. See table for info - it is the Counts that is Do the search, then I am filtering on room information such as Room subcategory, Furniture, Propslist …

I now know that this is a really bad solution, and loading time is horrible (3+ minutes for a page, not a huge amount of information on the page), and it seems that advanced filter is the problem. The tables have about 2400 items, and will double in the next few days.

Is there a fix to this (a faster way to do the search), that does not require database change (since the data is already collected)?

Well you’re loading loading errthing from your first “table” (it’s not a “table”, it’s all the objects of that type) to the page. You need to filter things down in your original query/queries. If your database structure does not allow that, you need to rethink and rework your data structure. It’s that simple.