Advanced Filter

Hello I need help.
We are building our Middle Office on Bubble to manage Home Deliveries.
We are pusblishing Webservice to our front-end to enable customers to select a slot.
So we have 2 entities : Runs , and each run can have a collection of slots.
We have a specific business rules : we have a cut-off at 10pm. It means customer will not be able to see slots for tomorrow if it’s later than 10 pm
We have tried to use advanced filter but we cannot implement a formula.
The formula we want to use is :
This Slot’s SlotStartDate - Current date/time: format as hours > ( This SlotStartDate:extract hour +2 )

As you can see in the screenshot I cannot create the formula.

Try adding the +2 after the first variable. Sometimes, changing the order “unlocks” certain options.