Advanced filter: Too slow for users

Hello Bubble community!!

I have been looking to optimize my platform built with bubble and am completely stuck with something that should be quite easy, but cannot figure out how to do. Probably the most advanced of you will find a way around :wink:

To explain, I have a few classes (called ‚ÄúTaller‚ÄĚ) with for each of them a list of time slots (called ‚ÄúDisponibilidad‚ÄĚ) at which the class will occur. I have a main page that look just like Airbnb with a RG showing all the classes, and the user can use a filter to see only the classes that happen on a specific day.

Exemple: A user will select May 5th in a calendar, then the RG will show only the classes that have at least 1 timeslot on May 5th.

How I do it so far: I have been using advanced filter to filter the ‚ÄúDisponibilidad‚ÄĚ of each of those classes as shown on screenshot 1, with the constraint that the date of this class is indeed matching with the date selected by the user in the calendar (see screenshot 2) which is saved in a custom state of this calendar.

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 16.04.50

Screenshot 2:
Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 16.06.08

My problem: Due to the high number of classes I have, the advance filter is taking an enormous amount of time to run, and I would love to find a way to put this condition to run in the main Search for and thus highly reduce the amount of time needed for the search.

I have been trying to simply add another constraint on the main Search for saying ‚ÄúDisponibility contains Search for Timeslot with the date matching the one selected by the user‚ÄĚ but in this case I am forced to put ‚ÄúFirst item‚ÄĚ in my constraints and thus only 1 result appear in the RG instead of all the classes that would have 1 class on this day‚Ķ

Does anyone has an idea or has seen such a case in the past? You would be my savior hahaha seeing how many hours I have lost on this problem!!! @mikeloc @ihsanzainal84 @keith @tylerboodman

Key point here is that you’ll need to have the right fields to keep your searches to the backend. Advanced filters are going to kill your WU.

Edit: i confused myself. Thinking of a correct solution.

It should work if you also have a field for a list of Taller in Disponibilidad. So just need to match the Taller and then display the list of Taller’s Disponibilidad.

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Wait I thought advanced filters saved WU since it was client side, not server side. :confused:

Problem with advanced filters is that they load everything within your Search constraints first, then perform the client side filters. So you might end up loading 20 items just to look for 1 item.

Thank you for your feedback!
Disponibilidad are directly linked to a single taller. For exemple, A class of yoga (taller) will have let’s say 3 timeslots.

Maybe I should have completed my Sreenshot 1 with the details of the constraints in the Search for taller, because there are indeed many constraints that I cannot get rid of (see below)

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 17.06.05

Maybe you have another idea? :wink:

Anyone has an idea? :’(

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