Advanced Filtering of 30 Filters On A Repeating Group

So I’m trying to setup a series of filters based on checkboxes on the left hand sidebar, but i keep getting this error when I use a condition (custom state = yes) to filter:


How do I set up filters on a single repeating group (the majority of the filters are checkboxes that are either yes (or not yes) in the database)

This is how I approached this requirement for my app regarding a bookmarking feature:

First set up the condition:

Then include the constraint within the RG:

Yes but the issue is that the User could select multiple filters…

So how do you set up the conditional data source change based on multiple filters on the left hand sidebar selected?

If the user selects one filter, then the above example will work. But if two filters are selected, then two conditions are applied, and the lists must essentially be merged.

For example how to I begin filtering the Things in the repeating group based on these yes/no’s?

When it is no, then all things should be shown by default.


ah, I see.
And yes, since there is no “or” within the constraints, you would need the merge:


The only issue is going to be the cumbersome nature of the data source given how many criteria you have. But I’m not aware of any reason why this still shouldn’t work.

Yeah I agree this would work, but I think there may be a better way out there because part of the issue is the amount of searching and filtering I’m trying to achieve.

The issue is I have about 30 different checkbox filters that are for the most part yes/no and should start filtering the default list of Things on-click.

@JustinC If they are all yes/no and saved that way on each record you are searching then you should be able to create an individual custom state for each check box and simply build all 30 conditions into your search. Make sure Ignore empty constraints is unchecked but that should work just fine and dandy.


This might help you


I’m trying to understand why “ignore empty constraints” on a list filter is not working.

I have a list filter set up and on page load the filters i’m trying to apply are empty, but when you select one of them, it should populate the list based on the filter applied.

I can’t seem to get it to filter with more than 1 filter applied.

I get no results each time.

It’s like the ignor empty constraints isn’t working or something.

If it’s working with one filter applied then the Ignore empty constraints is working, otherwise it would not show anything in the list unless you had all three filters applied. Normally if it works with one but not a second one there’s a breakdown in your logic.

Is there a reason you aren’t doing this filtering in your Search instead of a post filter?

it might be because you are trying to filter your search results so that you get results that contain all filters

ie: if filtering products by sizes and you select small, you get all results with size small, and then when you select medium ( so both small and medium are selected ) your set up is trying to return results of products that are both small and medium, instead of small products and medium products.

I struggled with search filtering for nearly two weeks, when I eventually got how to do it, I posted the tips I linked to. I would highly recommend reading through it and try to follow the logic.

There is also at times a need to adjust the way in which you have set up your database and the structure you use when creating relationships between data types and what type of data fields you have on each data type.

From your previous posts, you might consider changing the data structure so that your filters are set up to be a data type ( ie: category )

Argus categories is a data type: data field is name

names : Not Rated ; Gold ; Gold + etc

Then on the data type of “Aircraft” you are searching you have a data field of “Category” which is a relation to the data type of “Argus Categories”

Then when you search Aircraft you can filter by it’s categories containing the filters selected.

I believe it is explained in my post I linked. If you read through and have trouble understanding it let me know, but the setup outlined in that post is how I filter through thousands of data entries with over 300 amenities.

You could also consider using “keys” and “SKU” to help with filtering. I’m not an expert on it, but over two days I figured out how to track, filter searches and provide enormous amounts of analytics for a B2B/B2C products platform…your air crafts are basically products.

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