Filtering with checkbox

Hi bubblers!
I need to filter with checkboxes so a repeating group will show information that matches both. I have a situation that one condition is true and the second is true but when both are selected together that sum of conditions is not true but bubble shows me information from the second condition

How can define conditionals in order to make valid the first condition when is checked, the second condition when is checked and when both are checked at the same time?

For example. When first condition is met I can see 3 results records. When second condition is met I can see 1 result record. But when both are met I need to see 0 records.

Thank you

You can create custom states (yes/no) for each checkbox (if you don’t have a lot of them cause it will be hard to maintain if you do).
Checkbox is checked → custom state = yes
Checkbox unchecked → custom state = (empty)

In your repeating group’s data source add the state to constraints like:
yes/no field = custom state's value

So when checkbox is checked - you’ll get all matching items.
When checkbox is unchecked - checkbox value will be ignored and you’ll get all items (if you’ll check “ignore empty constraints”).

P.S. Another approach is using “daisy chain” filtering:


Hi Artemzheg!

Thank you for your response.
The first solution works like a charm!.
I will test later the Daisy Chain.

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