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Advanced search for geographic position based on other attributes than radius


I have a list of locations with an attribute georaphic position. Now a want to select locations based on the “extract” attributes of the geographic position (not only those within a radius around another position)

There is more information within the position, but how can I access it like Do a Search for Location where Location’s Geographic Position’s State is “XYZ”

I think I could save the extra information a the point of creating the location in an own field but this does not seem the best solution to me.

I Found already this topic but it does not help since he stores the field.

Any Ideas?

This is not an easy thing for us to add, as it touches database stuff. We’re going to look at search options at some point in the mid term, but in the meantime, you can use the filter option after the search. It’s not optimal speed wise so try to have the search as discriminant as possible to make the list pre filter as small as possible.

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It worked with the filtering. But I can’t see a big difference in performance.
Here is a search example in my live version using the radius of 20 kilometers around an address in munich:
Radius Search

The other variant using filter after a search at the same place using the “city” attribute of a geographic position. Results are almost the same:
Filter Search

Nevertheless it took me some time to figure it out.
How it worked:
Use :filtered function; constraint Advanced: This Things’s Adress :extract CountryCode (or any other Attribute) IS Your Country (I handle the Country and CountryCode via URL parameters and put it as a custom state to the page)

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