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How to :filter list of geographical locations for a city? contains filter doesn't work

My User Type has a named "Selling Regions of Type “list of geographical locations”

I then have a repeating table on the page, showing a list of all users with some search fields at the top.

All filters at the top work, except for selling regions, which is a search box (geograpical location) type of field.
What i’m doing is, in the datasource i use a filter, to extract the city from the search box, and see if the Users selling regions field contains this city.

I just cannot get the locations filter to work
I’m thinking because i’m using contains on a list of geograpical locations, maybe thats why?

Any help would be appreciated

I think you’re right. There might be another way to do this, but I think it would work if you used the :filtered modifier after the search (data source = search for users:filtered). With this, you can use the “Advanced” constraint and say “This user’s selling regions: extract city contains searchbox value: extract city”.

I’m kind of going off muscle memory on this one, but try that.

Isn’t that what i’m doing now.
So the screenshot above is of the filter.
The filter is on the datasource.

Or are you suggesting something else?

Secondly, what do you mean by advanced filter? Is that just the :filter option?

Advanced is another constraint option available within the :filtered modifier. See below:

How do you use the advanced filter?

When I click it, it looses focus, and doesn’t let me add anything?

So In the list filter, I’ve typed advanced, then it says “click” I click it, and it just closes the click section, not allowing me to enter anything?

Try refreshing your editor. That looks like a glitch to me.

What browser do you use? I’m using Chrome.

I did refresh, and it gave me some options, but now when I get to the location field, there is no option to extract city, even though its a geographical location type of field

I use Chrome too.

Extract the city from the Selling Regions first. It’s likely not giving you the option because right now your expression is saying “a list of Selling Regions (locations) contains a location”. What you want is a “list of cities contains a city”. The type of list need to be compatible with the type of single thing it’s looking to contain.

@mohamad.r.khan same here, any news?

Yes it’s not available.

You can only use it in filter.

I tried with Gaby’s example and it works for me

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