Advertising inside repeating group

This suggestion works for advertising, call-to-action, sign up and others. A configuration of two different possibilities for a Repeating Group, like main configuration and secondary, with an option to show secondary every X times the main one is shown. Pretty much like Facebook and Twitter handle advertising on the timeline.


That’s a pretty neat idea. How would you handle the design aspect? Right now, the first cell of the repeating group dictates the design for the other cells. How would we design the “interjection” cells?

I think the design of the secondary item could be totally independent, just limited by the width in case of columns, for example. So you would have a normal repeating group for posts, but after every 5 (or X) real posts, something different is shown, that could be an HTML snippet with Adsense code.

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From where and how can i use secondary

Hey @mario1,

Did you ever get this to work? I want to implement the same thing, and I’ve got it mostly right using @sridharan.s’s post, where he said:

  • You might also find creative ideas like have a list of normal things in the RG. And include a group within each cell that is set to display if the thing is item 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. And in those cells, have it display an ad.

This almost solves it. Only things is I have an ‘Advert’ group and a ‘Normal’ group within the main RG, with the Ad Group showing every x times, and in that group I have a headline, image etc.

But I have a selection/roll of Ads that I can show, not just one - and I’d want the highest paid ad first, then a few cells later, the 2nd highest. So I have to find a way to show the highest-paid ad’s info first, then the second’s etc. How would I write that expression either in the group or the headline? I could say Search for Ads (Promoted = Yes): first item, but then how would I show the second item…x item?

Hope I’m making sense?

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You could use the “modulo” operator to grab the right one, I suspect. Here’s a bit more detail on it:


HI Scott,

Thanks so much for your very fast reply!

I also gave this a try: I have an Ad Group and a Normal Group. The Ad Group (which just does a search for Ads, sorted by Highest Price, Item #1) shows when the containing RG’s index is 2, or 5 or whatever. This should work quite well.

The only thing is that the RG’s actual cell index 2 is then hidden by Ad #1 - so the 2nd Normal post will be hidden under the Ad, which is not ideal either (but I can probably live with it)

If you have any way around this that would be awesome. A modulator on the RG like “Inject another Thing every x cells” would sort all of this out - know of anything like this?

Thanks again for your help!

You could load the ad group to one RG and the normal things to another RG. Make both small and essentially not visible to the end user (e.g., 1px by 1px).

Then in a 3rd RG, you can reference content from each of the other RGs (for example, RG1’s List of Ads: item #: current cell’s index). Simply write an equation to reference the correct RG’s thing for each cell (more complex than my quick example). May require “modulo” and various others to get the math right for what you’re trying to do - but seems doable.

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