After 4 months of Bubble, i still don' t understand how its responsiveness works

See image. Everything is fixed width here - the icons, the groups - everything.

But the icons still turn out in 2 lines instead of being on the same line.

I even put a “spacer” group in between the icons and it’s still the same.

Yeah responsiveness is pain. At certain points responsivness issues would take me an entire week to fix. So I understand your frustration.

If you want you grant me access to your app or this page on your app I can take a shot at it and fix it for you.

I think that would be easier than me typing out how to troubleshoot this issue.

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Thanks so much!

After I shifted the icons further inwards, they’re falling in line again.

But i’m still wondering why everything is fixed width but it still behaves like it’s variable.

I struggled and still do at times with responsiveness. This ebook is well worth it, I learnt more in 10 mins reading than 3 months of banging my head against a wall.

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awesome. Thank you!!