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Hardest thing in bubble is responsive


I’m really struggling with making the site responsive.
I’ve even put all the items into a group, and then on the group I’ve selected vertically centre on that group, and it just doesn’t work.

It aligns to the left of the screen.

This is only one of the problem, many other things just don’t seem to work as expected.

Don’t get me wrong, i love bubble, its an awesome tool.
I’m just challenged with responsiveness, so any help will work.

That strange part is, i watched codefree example, and it all works like his example, except responsiveness, he does some stuff which i copy and he gets different results to me.

Hey man :slight_smile:
Responsive in Bubble works really well. I haven’t seen any bugs.

You’re probably just missing a few things.

I’m happy to help bro!

Show me something that’s now working and I can help you out!



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It has a learning curve indeed but once you know how the pieces fit it works like a charm :slight_smile:

What is your issue?

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I deleted the complete page, and just started again drawing boxes and viewing the affect of each box.

So I drew a header, footer and looked to ensure it was full screen stretched
then i drew some boxes in the middle and groups them, and made them fixed with and horizontal centred.

So anyway, using this approach it seems to be easier to work out whats happening.

I think the main page it self maybe that had some issues or who knows what i had done with the previous page


Hey @mohamad.r.khan! Yeah, I understand you about the responsive stuff. I sat down for two days straight to play with the responsive settings in every configuration I could muster. I think I have a pretty good handle on stuff now.

Do you have any more bugs to fix?


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Have you used radio buttons?

If all you do is put radio buttons on a page, and then go to responsive view, the radio circles are no long vertically below each other, they are like horizontal and all messed up.

Have you been able to make these responsive?

Lemme check, hang on…

Hey Mohamad :smiley:

Ohhhhh… I see your problem… I infer that you are creating separate radio elements. If there’s NOTHING else on the page, AND if they are aligned and of similar size… THEN, they will not move around.

There are TWO problems you’re having.

  1. Change your radio elements to just one element… for simplicity of design… I mean, you can enter multiple options in the radio element EDITOR box that pops up WHEN you double click on the radio element in the editor :smiley: That way, they’ll all stick together… The ONLY downside of this, is that you can’t alter the vertical spacing of those radio buttons… (like perhaps you’re using radio buttons with pictures or something so they’re spaced apart more right? In that case… simply select all the radio buttons, right click on your mouse and select ‘Group all elements in a Group’. When they’re grouped, they’ll stick together better…

  2. If your boxes are jumping around, it means that there are other elements on the page that are causing them to move in responsive mode. for that, GROUP things together!

Have a good day Mr. Khan :smiley:




No only have on radio button field
This field has two options in it (yes/no).

When invite it on desktop it’s great and list the top options vertically below each other

When I view it on responsive view its crap and lists the two options horizontally next to each other.

So that’s the problem I am having

Group them together! Set the group’s width to fixed.

If that doesn’t work, send me a link and I’ll fix it :smiley:

ps. I’m sure it’s just some very small detail to fix it.

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