After account is created (without google login) user cannot login with google

I create an account using a gmail. The account is created with the workflow step “sign the user up”.

At a later stage, I try to login using the Google sign in, but instead of logging in, i see the error “this email is already in use”.

This should not the the case, as a user should be able to create an account without the google signup/login and later be able to access it with the google login.

Especially if the account is created for someone else, there is no way of knowing in advance if the person will use the google login or not.

Thoughts and help are appreciated.


Instead of using the Log the user in action, use the same Google Login / signup action.

@rico.trevisan thanks for the feedback. But i am using the Google login / signup workflow element.

The user is created with sign up only. But then that user cannot login with the Google login.

Any hints?

google sign up user only can login with google sign in. If the same email try to login with convencional login it wont be able

I don’t believe that’s possible. My workaround is disabling the Google Login button if the email input content already is a registered user and leaning on the Bubble error prompt to kick the user out of the signup workflow because the email already exists

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