Google login does not work when email already exist

So I added a Google Sign Up/Login possibility to my app. Now the user can sign up with his google account without a problem. But than when a user wants to LOGIN with the Google account my bubble app says that this email address already exists…
I was searching for a different workflow for login and sign up but I did not find anything. its just one workflow which is this:

what am I missing ?

I know I am a little late here but I had this problem and freaked out for a minute. But then I realized it was because I had signed up with that email and a password during my initial sign in, but I never linked the gmail account, so I was getting this error.

It would be great if we could give more informative error messages (such as saying that the email is associated with a different login method, for instance) to avoid this situation.

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Hey Ryan thx a lot ! its never too late :smiley:
But would you please expand on the solution cause I dont really understand still. How should I link the gmail account ? Thx

No problem!!

Connecting the google account is simple - all you have to do is the signup/login action while the user is already logged in with a different method (that uses the same email, I believe, I don’t think it works if the alternative method uses a different email, but I could be wrong).

For instance, I signed up using an email and password. Then on my user profile page, there is a button I made that says ‘Connect Google Account’ which runs the signup/login with google action.

After successfully completing this action, I will be able to login using either the email/password combo or the google login. It works the same way for Facebook login.

I hope that helps. The one thing I wish is that there was a way to customize the error message. Even within my own app, I forgot what login method I originally used and didn’t realize I hadn’t connected my google account, but the error message I received made me think there was a bug in my signup process.

I personaly dont understand the process you decribed.
My problem is that I sugn up with google and later on when I want to login with google the shows error that this account already exists.
Sry for my limited understanding :smiley: but thx for tyring.

No problem! I am sorry to say that I might not be that much help in that case since I have only come across the issue when previously signing up with email and password and then trying to login with google. Could clearing cookies possibly help? That is the only thing I can think of but I am not sure if it will do anything.

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