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Agency Plan limiting account access to Live

Hello, I have an agency plan application for one of my clients after experimenting with it for a few hours, I found out that I’m unable to untick the Limited Access


It should be only applying to the development mode but it also takes effect on the Live Version.

Any help would be amazing.

I think that is a “feature” of the agency plan :upside_down_face:

Password protection
Applications on an Agency plan are protected by a password in run mode. Share the credentials with your client and have them explore the application before delivering it to them.

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Hello, thank you for your reply, I’m just wondering if there is a possibility by getting in contact with the bubble staff team to have this feature only apply on development mode and not live, my apologies but I’m not very educated on bubble’s plan system

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I don’t believe so until your client subscribes to a Bubble plan.

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