Agonizing over inconsistent timezone behaviors


I’ve been agonizing over a set of behaviors regarding dates between Airtable and my bubble app.
I don’t even really understand the behavior here but essentially when the user’s timezone is anywhere in Australia, a day will sometimes but not always be subtracted. IE, June 20 becomes June 19. This happens to some users in American timezones as well but not always.

We started out with ‘Users own timezone’ as a default and have since tried every variation of the static timezone options - the issue has remained the same.

I simply need the date to stay the same when it’s saved from bubble to airtable and vise versa. The specific time of day doesn’t matter. I’d rather not save everything in plaintext because it means I have to spend a hundred billion hours reworking all my workflows.

Any help would be immensely appreciated. xoxo

Hello @Caedan

Storing dates in both systems in UTC time should help

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The main issue here is that the user’s own timezone seems to be affecting the input when it’s not suppose to be. I’ve tried having both dates in GMT which worked for a while, but then the issue started popping up again. It’s the inconsistency that’s confusing.

Hello @Caedan

This post should help:

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