Airtable to Bubble: "Date" field is 1 day behind in bubble

I’m using an Airtable GET call to pull in some users and i’ve got a workflow to add them to the Bubble DB. This is working fine but for some reason the “Date” field gets pushed back a day once it’s in Bubble.

For example: Airtable date shows 5/14/2020, but once it’s in Bubble, it gets switched to 5/13/2020.

Anybody know why this might be happening? I tried looking for a way to change the time-zone on my Bubble app in case that was the culprit, but couldn’t find anything.

same issue here… #bugs

I have the same problem

I smell time zone inconsistencies…

Bubble server timezone
User Browser timezone
API call timezeone
Backend workflow timezone.

Best of luck… :sweat:

This is still the case. Is there a way to add a “timezone” option on the date field?

Could use the formatting options to send the value through; that would require the API to accept that formatting of the date. Some APIs use Simplified Extended ISO, which is default UTC, but this could be replicated by using the custom formatting.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.47.09 PM

The above would be acceptable formatting but removes the UTC timezone component that Simplified Extended ISO incorporates by default. It uses the user’s timezone but that could be changed to be dynamic.

Thank you for the reply. That solution turns the date into a string, so it does not work when you want to present the data in a date field :frowning:

What I ended up doing, is using the UTCTime plugin and adding the browser UTC offset to the time.

That seems to work.

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