AI Generated Images / Saving Base64 images as a proper jpg image

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I am using Bubble to get AI generated images via the API connector with StabilityAI API. It returns a Bases64 image, which I have managed to display.

However, I cannot find a way to save the image as a proper jpg or png format, that the user could then download, and that I could manipulate and save in the database as an image object.

Would one of you be able to direct me to the right process?

Element Monitors plugin should help.

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Did you figure this out? Im having similar issue. I have a base64 image I need to pass to an api as a PNG. Couldn’t figure iout how Element Monitors can do this.

Use Upload action, either server-side or client-side one of Component element. Provide your data:image url as a source.