AI integrated bot

Have heared a month ago about an open source AI chat bot, that one can integrate in Bubble-built application, where you can build your own application-related AI bot.

Have written the none somewhere, can’t find it -.-

Does anyone know more about this?


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Thanks! As there is so much of scams, is there any example that one can access without creating a profile, or perhaps a video of the case?

Can the ChatGPT be integrated in the bubble app? Is there any example? Thanks!

Yes actually! I was looking for the exact same thing and since there wasn’t anything I decided to make one: Chatbot GPT Plugin | Bubble

It’s called a Chat Support bot but it actually does whatever instructions you tell it to. So if you want it to make jokes or do something else you can tell it to do that instead, for example. It’s also drag-and-drop so you don’t need to install or write any code. Hope that helps and have fun!

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Great! Looks good! Is there anywhere to see how the plugin works? Thanks!

Of course, here you go: Bubble | No-code apps. Let me know if you have any questions!

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WOW! It’s quite impressive! Is there a possiblity to “teach” the chat AI about the business plan and entrepreneurship in general? Have you guys made AI to only speak about the webplace where it is?


Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it!

It was designed so that you can give it any set of instructions and it will do what you want. In this case, I told it that it’s an AI assistant of a widget that should answer any questions from users and help them troubleshoot any problems. But you could definitely use it for something else if you want to get creative with it - it will do as you tell it :slight_smile:

Also as a side note, since it is built upon GPT-3, which is what ChatGPT uses, it can answer a variety of questions that don’t necessarily have to be related to the webpage. I limited the Bot on my page so that it only answers questions related to the Widget. But since it already comes pre-trained with tons of information, you can definitely use it to ask Entrepreneurship/General business-related questions and it should know the answers.

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