AI Powered Text Parser

Hi everyone!
I am excited to share a new plugin from Oxeler. The AI Parser plugin harnesses the power of AI to simplify text manipulations. Bubble developers can now use natural language to perform tasks that use to require complex dynamic expression, regular expressions, workflows, and API calls. Learn more about the plugin here or try it out in the sample application..

Here are some examples you can use the plugin for:

  • Extract phone numbers, e-mails, addresses or any other key detail from text without using Regular Expressions or splits. (Test Here!)
  • Verify if a text confirms with a standard pattern or not (Test Here!)
  • Count the number of times a patter appears in a text (Test Here!)
  • Convert a text, table or XML to a JSON without any loops or backend processes (Test Here!)

There are a lot more features coming. Please send feedback.

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