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[NEW FREE PLUGIN] OpenAI Language Task

This new plugin enables the use of OpenAI playground in bubble. It retrieves every text result from the OpenAI GPT-3 model.

You need to subscribe to OpenAI’s service and obtain the API KEY. To check for more information:


  1. Create an account for OpenAI and obtain the API_KEY.
  2. Enter the Authorization field in the plugin tab with the format “Bearer <API_KEY>”.
  3. Retrieve the result by: “Get data from an external API” >> API provider: “OpenAI Language Task – XXXX”, then select the appropriate fields.
  4. To create the completion: select “OpenAI Language Task – Create Completion” and enter the prompt and parameters to obtain tue returned text.


OpenAI is a powerful tool to deal with different language tasks. By setting an appropriate text prompt and parameters, you can receive the generated results/ text completion that can be used in many use-cases:

  • summarizing passages into paragraphs or a one-liner
  • classifying texts depending on sentiment, type, and more catergories
  • generating ideas
  • other examples can be found here: OpenAI API


  • Creating a chatbot
  • Setting up a Q&A app
  • Detecting sentiments of tweets / Instagram posts
  • Summary a long article into three lines
  • Translating English to Russian


To sign up for OpenAI service:

Documentation of response of the data call: Open AI Data Call Documentation - Google Docs / OpenAI API

Live Demo:

Editor mode of demo: Testing-open-ai | Bubble Editor

How to better formulate your text prompt: OpenAI API

In the coming days, we will update the plugin and add more unique features. Feel free to leave a comment on how we can improve / reporting bugs. We also accept emails: [email protected]

Enjoy bubbling with the plugin!