Air Date Calculate Business Days Not working

Hello Bubblers!

I was attempting to calculate working days(business days) between a date range and I saw that there was already a way to do this with Air Date according to another forum. However, when I attempted the same inputs and such it did not work. and would only count the range as two dates (it was counting the start and end date as two separate dates as if it were a multiple date option and I had only selected those two days as my two options).

I was wondering if anyone has tried this recently and what the results were?

The prior form I consulted was “calculating working days (business Days) between a date range”. Perhaps one of my settings are off? I followed the photo on that form to the “t” though. =\ Please help anyone?

A bubble date range is actually two dates, start and end.
The Air Date/Time plugin range value behaves the same. If you want a list of dates instead use the value list data.
See the post below