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NetworksDays in bubble

I am looking for a plugin (free or not)
I want to calculate the number of working days between two dates for the calculation of holidays.
I already use the BizDate plugin which helps me a lot but only gives the final date (excluding weekends and a list of holidays) and the total number of days from a specific date
Example :
Departure Date: Monday 01 Nov 2021
You must enter the number of days for example 7
And it gives you as a result Tuesday, November 09, 2021 because it removed the Saturday and Sunday of the week of November 01
I would like to enter two dates and have the number of working days in between which removes Weekends and a list of days
The plugin Bizdate does what the excel function "WORKDAY and I want a plugin that does what the “NETWORKSDAY” does
Can someone help ?