Air Date Picker Issues?

Is anyone else experiencing some issues with the Air Datepicker element. It was working fine until early this morning however now it can’t seem to autopopulate, e.g. current date and time and the page where its on gives an error directed at air datepicker.

Hi @phuthi,
Please file a bug report to bubble here:

Contact the supplier of the plugin.

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Hi @NigelG, i’m the supplier :smile:
So something strange is happening, since yesterday evening all of a sudden the plugin stopped working in some cases(when in a group).
Obviously this has never been the issue since the plugin was published over half a year ago and no one has ever reported this issue (there are over 3,000 installs last time i checked).
So i’m suspecting it might be some change from bubble’s end so i filed a bug report.
The reason i initially asked the user to file the bug report was that my testing wasn’t consistent so i wasn’t sure which cases the plugin was broken. But i just found out it is when placed inside a group.
Also i thought it should be a bug from bubble’s end if something is working for months and all of a sudden without updating the plugin or anything it stops working.

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I know, which was kinda my point :slight_smile:


I’ve been away from Bubble and the app I’m developing for more than a month. air datepicker worked the last time I used it. Today, the first time I’ve used the app in about six weeks, air datepicker is not working.

Seeing this message thread, I thought a solution would have been implemented or a workaround announced, but this is a 27 day old thread with no apparent resolution.

Can you fill me in, please?


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Hi @laurence,
You’ve been away for far too long. :smiley:
I provided a fix right away. There was a bubble update the broke some plugins including this one.
Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin.
Also this is not the main thread for the plugin. If you go to the main thread you will see discussion on this issue including a comment even from emmanuel.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Silly me for being away so long :slight_smile:, but I’m not even certain how to download an update to a plugin.

So, I uninstalled the plugin and installed the updated plugin and things seem to be working.

You can update a plugin by going to the plugin tan within your editor. If there is an update available you will see the text “can update” beside the plugin. When you click on it you can select the latest version and click update. That way you don’t have to delete your elements and redo your workflows

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