Air date/time Picker is Fouled up Big Time!

Does anyone know why @seanhoots (@seanhoots22?) Air Date/Time Picker is recently returning empty as its Value even though it is displaying a date and time?

This is very serious. My production app is all about dates and times of actions scheduled and completed. Since 1:25pm PDT it seems to be returning empty when it should be returning a good date/time.

Did something change at a more fundamental level in Bubble that may be causing this?

Does anyone know what happened to Sean Hoots? He seems to be missing since November 2019.

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I don’t have enough information yet but it looks like the problem may have started showing up as early as last Wednesday, October 14. I see one odd occurrence that may have happened on Tuesday, October 13.

I have more investigating to do, but clearly something started going wrong with date/time last week and it seems to be related or limited to Air Date/Time Picker.
@keith, I know you understand dates better than just about anyone and have some insights into the library(ies) @seanhoots used. Are you aware of anything that may have gone wrong in a library version Sean used?

Air Date picker is pretty but I found it unreliable so stopping using it. Also it lacks ‘input not empty’ flag which is pain to manage in wf.

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Thanks, @eric.schwantler. What date/time picker(s) are you using?

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Hi @laurence, sorry for belated reply, been busy on other work. I was using Air Date/Time Dropper