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AirAlert to other user

I am working on my CAD and I am trying to build a “Uber” platform so people can order a ride.
I have it where it makes a current cell and a check mark that deletes the cell but Is there a way that when the checkmark is pressed that It will send a AirAlert (Plugin) or some type of announcement to the Current Cell Creator that says your ride is on the way or something.

You could create a new Data Set, and call it something along the lines of “Notification” - I would then create a few fields in that Data Set.

To User - User
Body - text
Title - text

Then, create a new data type under your User set, called “Notifications” - Or something else that you’d like.

Then, on your page for the user you want to notify, you could Create a new Custom Workflow → Do when a condition is true.

For the condition itself, I would have something along the lines of:
Current User’s Notifications:count > 0

Under that workflow, you can now create the AirAlert, using your Title line and Body line. After that’s done, you can delete that notification, thus only allowing 1 or 0 notifications.

Now, deleting something from the database can be quit heavy on the server (I believe), so if you have access to back-end workflows, I would recommend scheduling a workflow to delete the notification.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for responding Drake!
I will look into It and see if I can do It. Thanks for the help!

Update: I messed around with It so I didn’t effect much of my other workflows but It worked!
Thanks Drake.

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Just don’t forget to change the properties on the workflow to run every time, not just the first time. I didn’t specify that.

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Yep, I did that ahead of time after some testing, thanks. :slight_smile: