Need help for notifications to all users

I am needing to send notifications to all users of my app based on “announcements” being posted. I am currently using the bell and red dot icon, however, I can’t seem to find a way to send the notification to all users and then remove the notification when one user had “seen” the announcement.

All help is appreciated.

Make a kind of notification that can only be excused by pressing a button. When this button is pressed it changes the current users seen noti = yes

And on this noti, it has a conditional that says if current users seen noti is no then show this mf noti

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Like our colleague mentioned above, you put incidente The workflow where you press The button to write New post and send The notification to all users.


Yes, I think the first issue I’m having is that I am having trouble getting my announcement to notify all users. My notification data set includes recipient = user, but that doesn’t seem to create the notification for all users.
Below is screenshot of workflow when i “publish announcement” (button click). and my data sets for both the actual announcement and the notification.

Here’s what you can do

Create a Post Announcement field on your Announcement Notification dataset to tie them together.

Create an Active field on Post Announcement and make it a yes/no

Once a user pushes the ‘close’ button or ‘ok’ button, run the workflow to create a new Announcement Notification. The fields to pass here would then be ‘Body’, ‘Recipient’, Seen, Post Announcement

Body - I’m not really sure what this is or why
User - Current User
Seen - Yes
Post Announcement - Search for Post Announcement’s:first item (where Active = yes)

Then just have your conditionals on the actual notification element to be INVISIBLE initially and SHOWN if the user has 0 Announcement Notifications that match the current Post Announcement that is Active