Airbnb-like database structure

How do I make the most efficient database for an Airbnb-like website using bubble?

Reviewing many different sources has created a lot of confusion, especially around the idea of a “user” because I have 3 roles:

  1. Host: That creates listings
  2. Customer: That books the listing
  3. Admin: Myself managing the backend

Are they all users in the database?

And if so, I am guessing I will have to make “Roles” using (Option sets). But how do I make the different relationships between each:
• User with a “Host” role (an option set) and their listings
• User with a “Customer” role (an option set) and their bookings

This to me is really vague and hard to envision. Some other questions I have:
• Will the listing be also an option set? And how do I connect all those different option sets and users together?
• Is it efficient to load data that way?

Thank you guys for your help, I been trying to avoid asking this question for one month now and figure it out myself, but the deeper I got into it, the hard it’s gotten to understand the best path to take.

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Hi there, @itisthebr… I know you said you have reviewed many different resources, but this one is kind of buried, so I am guessing you might not have seen it. If you haven’t, it is definitely worth reading very thoroughly (and probably more than once) because it was written by one of the best Bubblers to ever, well, Bubble.

Hope this helps.



Hello @mikeloc , I read through it and it’s perfect and it is working well. Thank you Mike for your help.

@ignassenkondo I have done the entire course that you mentioned last year, it didn’t answer my question though on the best approach but the article that Mike shared is perfect.

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