[AirDev Canvas] 7 New App Templates, Premium Pages & Modules, On-Demand Expert Help, And More!

@stephanie I can’t purchase Canvas:

Thanks for reporting this @alexander2 and sorry for the issue. Just now I was able to subscribe both with a real card and in the test version of the app without this happening.

If you try again to sign up and see the same issue, please send a DM and I can help you debug the issue.

Thanks again,

Hi Stephanie, I’m having the same issue for fabbulist.com. I updated to bubble version 7 and had 80 issues pop up. So if I delete the ‘owner_new’ it won’t affect any other workflow?

I though the bubble update broke the app and had to revert to 6. The issues are still there:Bubble Update Broke My App :(

Yes, please delete the page owner_new from your app. It will not affect any other workflows.

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I’ve been working with AirDev Canvas template since last week and am totally impressed with it. Amazing work!

Going to upgrade to premium! Awaiting a response to a question I had.


email: santosh@n0c0de.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/n0c0de1
web: https://www.n0c0de.com (with two zeroes :wink: )


Hello Santosh,

What was your question and how can we help you answer it? I’ll check in with the support folks as well to see if they can send me that context.


Sure thing. Please see the message (screenshot below … its a bit confusing) and I just wanted to be sure that there is no restriction on my products after I subscribe to Canvas.

I basically wanted to know: I can sell templates that I develop using Canvas and also sell functionality applications that I develop using stuff from Canvas and other stuff I add on top of it.

You guys put out an amazing free template. I spent almost the whole weekend experimenting with all its options and various possibilities!

(Posted with a different Bubble account in a different Google Chrome profile, apologies)

Hello Santosh,

Thanks for clarifying. I’ll respond to your statement in bold by breaking it down into 2 parts.

I can sell templates that I develop using Canvas

Unfortunately, those terms prohibit users from re-selling Canvas assets. Bubble templates created using Canvas assets falls into that first category of selling original or modified assets from Canvas.

also sell functionality applications that I develop using stuff from Canvas and other stuff I add on top of it

If the use case is developing an application and selling that application to someone else (or some other company), Canvas is a great option. If you create an application and monetize that app, that’s also permitted by this license.

Hope this clears things up.


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Thanks @andersan. Clears thing up!

Just was thinking selling a template is a quick way to validate a product idea. I’ll subscribe to Canvas and use it for my product development anyways! Good stuff!

Last question, there are no restrictions of any kind on the free starter template on Bubble’s store right?

Thanks for answering my questions!

web: n0c0de
email: santosh@n0c0de.com
twitter: @n0c0de1

Hello Santosh,

The template itself also has a commercial license. Just now I had to re-read the terms and conditions on the Bubble marketplace, and I found myself quite confused, too.

As mentioned in this thread from last year, templates with Commercial licenses that cost $0 show some text in the Marketplace that suggest that they come with an Open-source license. Template and Plugin Licensing Clarification - #5 by luke2

I found the licenses for the templates by using the Google Chrome devtools on the page Templates | Bubble, since I couldn’t find it displayed anywhere else.

Sorry for the confusion here, and hope you’re still interested in using Canvas for your client projects or for your own projects.

Kind regards,

Thanks mate! It’s so confusing! I think it clarifies now!

I always assumed $0 templates were under MIT license.
Perhaps bubble should add a licensing icon to the templates page.

@emmanuel a suggestion above to simplify Bubble content :slight_smile:

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Hoping someone can help with this. I’ve reached out to Airdev and Bubble and so far no dice.

I can’t seem to figure out what’s happening with the condition (on mobile). I’ll try to recreate the steps:

  1. User goes to fabulist.com (on mobile specifically)

  2. Clicks the login button on the top right in the navigation menu

  3. User enters in [username] and [password]

  4. Click on login

  5. User should be redirected to their dashboard. User should be able to see a hamburger menu that exposes the rest of the sidebar options in the dashboard on mobile but instead, you only see the “my bookings” page with no way to access the rest of the elements in the dashboard (see the screenshots attached labeled as before, versus current)

So instead of seeing screenshots 1 & 2, they’re seeing screenshot 3 (i.e. hamburger menu is no longer visible on mobile at all). The affected element is group portal menu. I’ve cross-referenced with a copy of the template and the condition matches what was there before - "Current page width <= 1111 and header’s portal’s page? is “yes” (which should be correct)

If I remove the condition, it still doesn’t work. A few of our users can’t use the app on their phones because of this

@vlad @stephanie any way someone on the team can help with this?

@mannyojigbo Thank you, just DMed you. We would need you to share your app with us in order to debug this.

Correct me if im wrong:

A role defines a certain position that allows special access for that type of position.

So instead of letting a user have only a “single” role, why not allow the user to have multi-roles? let me explain:

Using the current “single” method, when i program a page to be accessible by an “Editor”, and i want to allow a “Partner” type of role to have access as well, i would have to write “When user role is Editor AND… is Partner” this page is accessible.

But using the “Multi” method, i can just add the Partner as an Editor as well when needed.

I think this makes a lot of sense.

I wonder what will happen if i add a new “Role”-list-field to a “user”, for this method, would i be messing something up within the canvas template? would i lose some benefits down the road?

Hello @cheskiefisch

Canvas comes with a basic user role system. You can change it as needed. Just make sure to update any and all complementary logic that uses roles across the app.

As for a multi-function role I would define something along these lines (for illustration purpose):

Functions in the app

  • function 1
  • function 2
  • function 3
  • function 4


  • role 1 (function 1)
  • role 2 (function 2)
  • role 3 (function 1,2,3,4)
  • role 4 (functions 1,2)
    … create/adapt/discard as needed

Hi Vlad
I have 2 problems with the configuration of API POST , API PATCH:
First when I run the Reinitialize button, it sends me the message “There was an issue setting up your call. The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check.” , however creates the data in the table or updates the table. The GET API does return the data.

Second, the POST , PATCH API does not appear in the dialog windows to use the APIs in any configuration, for example in repeating group. The GET API does appear.

I remain to support

Hello Bubblers,

I would like to have feedbacks on the Canvas framework?

I think about building an app with it but I would like to know how it works when the app is scaling?!

Hi All - What is the best way to get debugging assistance from the AirDev team around their Chrome Extension? It recently seems to have been updated and it is not working too well with my Chrome on my Mac anymore. I have blown out the cache, reinstalled the extension, and ensured no other extensions or configs in bubble could conflict. Here is my Loom video.

Hello @travis.polland

Disable any experimental features in your app if any at all. The extension does not work with them enabled.

If the above does not do it then you could send a bug report to

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