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[AirDev Canvas] 7 New App Templates, Premium Pages & Modules, On-Demand Expert Help, And More!

Hello Bubblers!

We’re very excited to announce a few new/updated resources that are now available through the Canvas Portal to the Bubble Community. First, a TL;DR version:

  1. We are releasing 7 new paid app templates, each of which is documented in detail
  2. Access to all Canvas UI pages & modules is now through a monthly Canvas Premium subscription instead of piecemeal pricing
  3. We now offer the ability to book calls with Bubble/Canvas experts who can either a) consult you on Bubble/Canvas questions as you’re building your app or b) help you update one of the Canvas templates according to your specific requirements

And now, here’s the longer version for those curious:

New templates
We now have a total of 8 app templates, which are listed below. All of these templates follow the same Canvas modular design and development principles, which means that new pages & modules can easily be added to them (see next section below).

First, here’s the original template, it comes with features that are needed for most apps and we use it as the base for everything that we build

The following full app templates are new and cost money ($200/each for a limited time).

Adding UI through Canvas Portal
Because every application/startup is unique, any template you get will likely need to be modified in order for you achieve your specific vision. If you need to add UI to a Canvas template, our Canvas Portal allows you to easily add new pages/modules with just a few clicks. And because all of our stuff uses the same design principles, the added pages/modules will look consistent with the rest of the application; just add them in and connect your logic. Here are some commonly used pages & modules:

Canvas has some free pages/modules as well as some premium ones. Premium costs $50/month and is only required when you add assets to your application. So, once you add the assets, you don’t have to stay subscribed to continue using them).

Booking calls with Bubble/Canvas experts
If you get stuck on updating a template, you may want to hire some help. We now allow you to connect to a vetted Bubble & Canvas experts, who can either a) consult you on how you can do something yourself or b) actually modify the template for you, according to your specs.

I know this is a lot to process, so please comment if there is anything that we can clarify!

For those of you who made it all the way through, here’s a “fun” fact:

According to Time Magazine, the annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York.


Canvas by AirDev


Hey Vlad,

Nice templates! For me, the Canvas is a game changer for bubble! I wanted to create my app on bubble for a long time, but it always ended with unresponsive and unstructured apps which were too “buggy” to launch. Since I discovered the Canvas, it is now a lot easier! If there is a problem, the AirDev team takes action and solves it. I really appreciate the work you put into this template!



Hi Bubblers,

We just released version 1.46 for the Canvas Starter Template:

  1. Added our free feather icons plugin to the template and updated the header icons to feather icons

Desktop header view

Mobile header view

  1. Fixed homepage maker responsive issues

Click here to learn more about Canvas Starter Template!



Hi Bubblers,

We’ve just released a new page template for Canvas:

Mobile Menu Page Template - includes a bottom navigation menu that is optimized for use on mobile.

Desktop view

Mobile view

Our modules and page templates work with all of our templates. Click here to learn more about Canvas!

Canvas by AirDev


Nice one @stephanie, this is really very useful giving recent large mobile screen and one-handed use. Thanks for this.

I’m not sure though of having bottom navigation bar for a desktop.
Given that a desktop screen may be very tall and have the content way up the screen, having the menu bar at the bottom means longer mouse movement distance for users.
This is the opposite for mobile device where users normally use the thumb for selection so its essential having the bottom nav bar.
So I will suggest maybe have a conditional on it to show only on smaller screens and use the normal menu for desktop screens.

Thanks again.

What does this mean? So If I buy premium for a month and use a paid template Its mine forever or only for 3 months?

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I am struggling to use your feather icons please assist

Hi @stephanie, @vlad

I’ve installed and using the ‘Feather Icons’ plugin. The icons are rendering and styling fine on the element, but the workflow action when its clicked doesn’t seem to be triggering, am I missing something obvious?

I’ve checked the debugger and no workflow actions fire.


Version 1.0.10 (latest)

Thank you

Last time I checked the source code I saw that action was commented so it was not working. I believe it was due to some unreliability.

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Thanks for the swift update.

Yes, it appears to be commented out


I’ll group them up and use that as the workflow event :+1:

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Hi @stephanie and @vlad – I purchase the Gigs template and am excited to get it up and running. I believe I’ve followed the Quickstart guide exactly, but am having a couple issues.

First, I can’t seem to get SendGrid to connect. I have added my API as instructed, but I get an error stating, “There was an issue setting up your call. The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check.” I checked the default text, and it is valid JSON, so I was hoping you may know why. (screenshots below).

The second thing is that I keep getting a validation error that states, “Go to page dashboard must be the last action in the workflow.” (screenshot below). Adding an additional (seemingly redundant action) to go to the Dashboard at the end doesn’t seem to resolve it.


The “Go to page” action can only be placed as the last action in a workflow. So even if you place another one as the last you still have the one in step 1 and that is why you still get the error message.
So simply move the “Hide GroupFocus messages” in your step 2 to step 1.

I will leave someone else to answer you first issue.

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Thanks, @seanhoots! Very helpful. I will give this a try.

For the first issue, just change the Data Type of the API call to “Text” from “JSON”. That’s because SendGrid doesn’t return a JSON object in the call.

Thanks to you both, @vlad and @seanhoots! Both things are working now.

@vlad – After I’ve purchases the template, how so I activate the 3 free months of Canvas Premium? Thanks!

@myfrenchfriend - unfortunately that offer was only available when the templates were first introduced, the templates and the premium subscription are totally separate now.

Thanks for the response @vlad. This is a bit disappointing, as AirDev is still advertising the template has coming with “free 3 months of Premium included” on the Bubble templates marketplace at

You’re totally right @myfrenchfriend - we failed to remove it from the template description. That’s our fault and we’ll be happy to honor the 3 months - just PM me the email address on your Canvas account. Sorry about that!


Big thanks, @vlad! I will PM you my email now.