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I have been trying to contact @AirDev for months, I have sent more than five emails, and I have even tagged them in the forum.

The only thing I need is for you to correct the Spanish translation of your Offline Notify plugin since it is wrong and it is the second most important language in the world.

But due to @AirDev ´s lack of professionalism, it has not been possible for me even to have an answer.

I understand that your plugin is free, and thank you, but I try to help the Spanish-speaking community.

Here is the translation (I hope @AirDev even deigns to answer (@andersan, @kevin12, @ahaller, @vlad, @stephanie)):

  1. Tu dispositivo no está conectado should be Se ha perdido la conexión.
  2. Reconectando en 2s should be Se está intentando reconectar...
  3. Intento fallido should be No se ha podido reconectar.
  4. Tu dispositivo está conectado. should be Se ha restablecido la conexión.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hello @hacker ,

Apologies for the lack of response, I can see an email from last October that slipped us by. Unfortunately we don’t currently have capacity to offer much support on our open source plugins.

The text for the plugin comes from this GitHub repository - we haven’t written the text for any of the languages and it would be difficult for us to change the text in the plugin.

Since this is an open source plugin, feel free to copy the plugin and make the edits in a new Bubble plugin.

Best regards,


No worries. I don´t know much about code, so I will stick with your plugin.

But how can I copy the plugin?

@hacker On the Offline Notify Plugin page there’s an option to “Fork” the plugin. It requires having a GitHub account. You can sign up for GitHub’s free plan.

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@hacker The default translations in that plugin (those listed above) are fairly good. Your changes are a matter of preference right?


No, the suggested changes are not a matter of preference. The translations used in the original code you guys used are all wrong (one of my colleagues worked at the Royal Spanish Academy)

Ok … just been speaking this language since birth and gone to many schools … But heck … no Royal Academy here :+1:t2:


pretty crap support on their behalf

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The plugin is free and open source. Really? :man_shrugging:


Well they offer a bubble builder, obviously they want a presence here. Offering no support is not what anyone wants to see, even if it’s a ‘free’ plugin.

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Great, this is RAE´s twitter, there they solve doubts of any kind.

Saludos desde México :mexico:

It’s not “free” in scare-quotes. It’s LITERALLY FUCKING FREE.

Also, open source.

As the thread makes clear, the OP is free to fork and make whatever mods they deem necessary to make that plugin perfect as their own.

(Of course, this would require OP to have some requisite skill. But that’s nobody’s problem but the OP’s.)


Greetings as well. Thanks!

Spanish is spoken somewhat differently across LA/Spain for sure. It is sort of like the difference in some terms between the UK/US/Australia.

Just thought that the current translation is fair enough.

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I was wondering if this might be a regional difference thing. :thinking: I’m a n00b at Spanish, but I’ve noticed many language learning apps I have on my phone offer different versions of Spanish.

@hacker Since the translations actually come from the Offline repo, you can certainly create a new issue in their repo. Looks like the original Spanish translations were created in this PR (Pull Request) from someone based in Ecuador:

The only problem is that the project states:

This project isn’t actively maintained.

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Thanks, @wuworkshop, yes, there are many versions of Spanish, but there is some more correct words than others.

Maybe I can send an email to the creator, but I am new at GitHub.
How can I see who is the creator?

For a UK fellow “flat” is correct

For a USA fellow “apartment” is correct

… it is all in the eye of the beholder as they say … :sweat_smile:


The creator of that Offline repo is a company called HubSpot. It would be easier to create a new issue in their GitHub repo over here:

The project maintainers should get a notification in GitHub about any new issues created. Depending on their GitHub settings, they might also get an email notification.

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Done, thanks. I hope someone gets this fixed :grinning: :computer:

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