Airtable & Bubble

Hello I need some help connecting with Airtable my understanding of api is very limited.
@Jici @NigelG @paul9 please help me!

This is what the documentation says about authentication :point_down:t2:

Airtable uses simple token-based authentication. To generate or manage your API key, visit your account page. Your API key carries the same privileges as your user account, so be sure to keep it secret!
You can authenticate to the API by providing your API key in the HTTP authorization bearer token header. Alternatively, a slightly lower-security approach is to provide your API key with the api_key query parameter.
All API requests must be authenticated and made over HTTPS.

Does this :point_up_2:t2: mean I should use oauth2 custom token?



Don’t use oauth. You should use private key in header

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Ok thanks @Jici! Like this I assume?

Next I would like to create a record, here’s what the documentation says about that

“Create Table 1 records
To create new records, issue a POST request to the Table 1 endpoint.
Your request body should be an object with one key, fields , which contains all of your record’s cell values by field name. You can include all, some, or none of the field values.
Returns the created record object if the call succeeded, including a record ID which will uniquely identify the record within Base.
To create new attachments in Attachments, set the field value to an array of attachment objects. When creating an attachment, url is required, and filename is optional. Airtable will download the file at the given url and keep its own copy of it. All other attachment object properties will be generated server-side soon afterward.
The Airtable API will perform best-effort automatic data conversion from string values if the typecast parameter is passed in (click to show example). Automatic conversion is disabled by default to ensure data integrity, but it may be helpful for integrating with 3rd party data sources.”

I am not sure how to create the call.

Will my application users be able to update their airtable base or will this just work for me?

This will just work for you because the auth will be related to your account and the call to your table.
Do airtable have oauth2?

I dont think they have ouath2 although I found this from a Google search
Could I ask my users for their key and base information to use with the api connector?
If I can’t do that then I will still like to create this api to visualise my app data in a nicer way then bubble’s table.

Yes you can. In this case, you will not use auth part, you will select the Self-handled, and create the auth like any other API call.
And Bubble RG look how you design it :wink:


Thanks for response could you should me how that would look, where do allow users to enter their key?

Example of setting for create item
You will be able to fill the key and other fields.
Don’t forget to keep Bearer before adding the key


Hi I am getting this error.
{"error":{"type":"INVALID_REQUEST_MISSING_FIELDS","message":"Could not find field \"fields\" in the request body"}}

Not sure what is wrong with my request exactly.
{"fields":{"name":"<name>","created date":"<created date>"}}

Can you post the full screenshot?

Your header application/json is not correct. Missing j

:sweat_smile: thanks, it’s working now.

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Is it okay to use parameters like this?

Is it possible to create a new table with the api? and how can I send a list of items?

@Jici could you please tell me how I can make the field names dynamic?

I thin it will be hard to achieve. What are you trying todo?

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I would like for users to enter their Airtable information to receive data from my app, like notifications and activity. This is optional for them.

I don’t think the api can create new table, i’m still unsure of how to send data as list.

I need to ask my users for their Key, Table name & now for them to create fields in their table exactly to match whatever the json body is.

I think I will use Trello for this instead since it has oauth and keep airtable for admin stuff.

This is not impossible. But not sure how user will do it.
You are right that actually, Airtable doesn’t allow to create base.

What you can do, is to encode the name of the field and the value
{"<field name>":"<value name>"}

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