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We recently launched our long-awaited Airtable plugin that lets you read from and write to Airtable from a Bubble app, and it’s a pretty big deal. At Bubble we always strive to put our users’ needs first and foremost. Like Bubble, Airtable is a prominent player in the no-code space with its own loyal fans. We've heard of many cool use cases that a Bubble Airtable integration would open up. So, we built it!

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REALLY excited for this!

I apologize that I don’t know the right terms so bare with me… I remember there was an API that allowed a 100-row max table from Airtable, is there a greater max with the Airtable plugin?

Sorry for the newbie question, but if I don’t have an very established Bubble app yet, what is the benefit of integrating Airtable instead of using Bubbles internal database fields? Will it help with performance (load time) or make a difference with capacity units? If not, what other reason would a person choose to add a third party into the app?

I moved to Bubble so everything was in one place, so I’m just trying to understand why Airtable would benefit me. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom!


This is great. Would love to the same treatment for the guys at Coda, imo, a much more powerful solution than Airtable.


Agreed. This would be really helpful.

I suspect it might be slower than Bubble’s Own Db. I suspect it is a move to get more users already using Airtable to come into the Bubble fold, rather than adding improved functionality for existing Bubble users. I am more than happy to be wrong though.

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Hey @nathan.a.meyer,

There are some subtle caveats. I’m sure performance is slower. There are a handful of things that can be done to Bubble data that are more difficult to do to Airtable data.

The benefit for my use of it is that I have a very complicated set of intertwined tables in Airtable, numerous views used for various purposes, and I don’t want to have to replicate the functionality that it brings. It’s far easier to manipulate data in Airtable than it would be in the Bubble back-end, let alone building an interface to do similar.

Hope that helps.

I am exited to use airtable plugin!
I am facing one trouble using it.
When I try to create record whch has “time” type column, according to the referance
I need send data with calculated to “second”, not hour and minute.

(sorry for japanese, the last 2 rows are for time column)
So, I calculate with run javascript and try to add record, but only the culumn can’t be reflocted into the airtable databese.

Could you tell me how to add "time"type correctly?

Thank you.


AirTable integration really is game changer.

Maybe you’ll find some advantages in being able to extract very specific data from your app to AirTable so you can rework them or create effortlessly reports for your team.

And vice versa.

Maybe you won’t populate your Bubble’s DB only with your app’s datas but with external datas centralized with your team, again you’ll have AirTable as third part to do the work.

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The add attachment action doesn’t work properly. It will attach a file to an Airtable record, but it will delete any existing attachments. This should “ADD an attachment” to AT, not just replace any existing attachments.

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I have the same issue and it drive me crazy.
Does anyone know any workaround?

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I once had my AT send over 1000 records over (inefficient… i know :joy:) - took bubble forever to display the repeating group, but it worked

same , support said the plugin cannot attach multiple items…

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Hi. Which support? Bubble?

Yes, bubble.

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is there any plan to update this plugin to use Airtable’s “Personal Access Tokens” instead of the API Key? The API Key will be deprecitated by Airtable in January 2024, so this plugin needs to switch to the personal access tokens by then. Simply replacing the API Key with a Personal Access Token doesn’t work.