Airtable data disappeared!

Hey Guys,
has any one elses airtable plugin data disappeared from their app? The tables are still connected as i can access them through work flows but i cannot update the tables as i cannot find them through the plugin?

Ah, that’s interesting.

I have faced something like this in the past, its a weird issue. But i try reconnecting it again and most of the times it solves the issue.

Maybe you can try removing the plugin, the connections etc, and re-build the entire thing?

haha yes i was wondering if that may be the case… but that is a lot of things i would have to reconnect! Was really hoping to not have to go down that path! :sweat_smile:

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Yaaaa, its a stuggle :sweat_smile:

Maybe you could copy the API connections into a demo app, or take a screenshot. Maybe that can help make it a bit easier.

Cant even realy show anything cause nothing is showing up! [quote=“soyashjain, post:4, topic:247806, full:true”]
Yaaaa, its a stuggle :sweat_smile:

even when i have put another table in since it still does not show up

Ahhh. Have you tried removing the plugin and adding it back in?

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