AIRTABLE's Plugin doesn't work anymore

Hi everyone !

I used to create record into Airtable via Bubble and the plugin, but this one suddenly stop working.

It is still working onto live-version of my app, but the dev mode doesn’t accept me tables anymore, I got the message “Your table settings have changed since last initializing.” anytime I initialise them.

I didn’t change anything on the app until a costumer of mine called me this morning asking why his website doesn’t work any longer… An idea ?

I deleted the plugin and set it all up again, nothing change.

Have a good day !


I am having the same issue :disappointed:

I can’t deal with it actually, I thought it was a temporary misunderstanding between AirTable and Bubble but the issue persists.

Any idea or same issue from the Bubble Community ?

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.


Just tried the Airtable Plugin for the first time and got the same issue: " Your table settings have changed since last initializing." Keeps popping up and the table gets deleted automatically…

Alright so the only solution I found is

  • Duplicate your Base (so you get Base copy, in order not to loose all your records)
  • Uninstall the Airtable plugin from Bubble, install it again
  • Regenerate your Airtable API key
  • Fill your API and choose your Airtable’s workspace

You should be able to re-connect your Airtable plugin to Bubble.

Have a nice day !



This plugin is not working AT ALL.

The method I explained just before doesn’t work anymore, even by regenerating your Airtable’s API key, it won’t work.

I already send an e-mail to the support.

As the application I’m trying to fix is for a customer of mine, I’m likely to use Shopify or anything else cause actually the app can’t process orders for my customer if I can’t extract data from Bubble to Airtable.

Does anybody got the same problem with the Airtable plugin ?

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The only solution at the moment is to duplicate your base then connect it again to your app.

Can’t wait to see updates for this plug-in, the Bubble x Airtable combo really is powerful.

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