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Airtable Integration: Create New Thing when new record created

Hi there -

I am trying to experiment with the Airtable plugin for the first time, and I’m struggling to set up a backend workflow. My desired process:

  1. When a new record is created in a synced Airtable base
  2. Run a workflow in Bubble (details aren’t important, but basically want to create a user on behalf of someone else with the email from the Airtable record, and add some other info from the Airtable record into another table in my database).

I am not seeing a way to trigger this type of workflow when a new record is created in my Airtable base.

Can anyone help please?


I would use Zapier for this

Thanks Jason! I actually eventually just created an API directly from Airtable to call an endpoint I set up in Bubble.

Zapier would work just fine as well.

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