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Airtable security vs Bubble security


I have a client that is hell bent on using Airtable, and only Airtable as their back end. (Actually, their data “guru” ideally wants EVERYTHING to be done inside Airtable :unamused: ) Does anybody know where I can find the Bubble platform security levels, SSL, etc., information to help ease their minds? I’ve tried to find the specifics, but haven’t found it.


@eve perhaps you can chime in?

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Hey there @gnelson,

Perhaps this well detailed answer from @josh might help?

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Hi @johnny,

Thanks for your response. I’ve read that. It seems wordy to me, yet vague. Here’s a brief snippet from Airtable. While some of Josh’s post is similar, it’s not as specific.

Airtable’s data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers, as well as when it is at rest. To protect your content in transit, Airtable uses 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. At rest, Airtable content is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

Airtable’s production data is regularly backed up to a separate, isolated location and all backups are encrypted. You also have the option to manually back up your bases by exporting individual tables as CSV files or by retrieving your data via the Airtable API.

I’m trying to convince my client that Bubble is just as secure, but I can’t do that from Josh’s lengthy post.

@eve ?

Maybe someone from engineering or product might be able to assist? @allenyang

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So now I’m beginning to wonder why this hasn’t been answered by someone from bubble considering @eve @josh and @allenyang have all been tagged by other people trying to help. @emmanuel will you provide an answer to this question? It would be greatly appreciated. :+1:


You might have a better bet emailing them at [email protected], they don’t always check the forum.

Feel free to share what you find on the forum :blush:

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Thank you for that suggestion. I do just that.

No response yet.

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Hi @gnelson did you ever get a response and/or come to any conclusions? I’m a fan of Airtable but not married to it either if it isn’t the right tool for the job.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @cyrus

Here’s the response I received.

We use Amazon RDS’s AES-256 encryption; for more details on this: please refer to Amazon’s documentation. Additionally, Bubble has completed the Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ Assessment. You can find this document

In regards to backups: For most of our key systems, it is actually point in time recovery via incremental snapshots. We use AWS’s RDS service to do backups, which means that AWS maintains and tests our backups (and that they are cloud based)

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Thanks for posting that here, @gnelson! I’m sure it’ll be useful for others looking for the same answer :slight_smile:

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