Security questions

Hey folks, we’re trying to get an app through procurement for a larger organisation. I’d love any help answering the questions below - I’ve put what I think are the answers, would love any advice on the unknowns. Thank you!

Encrypt Network traffic (eg SSL/TLS): Yes - sent via SSL

Servers are security hardened: Unknown

Layered firewalls for external networks: Unknown

Anti malware controls on servers and/or endpoints: Unknown

Patching policy in place to ensure all infrastructure kept up to date (all critical and security patches applied within 4 weeks of release): No - we don’t have any infrastructure

Data backup processes in place to ensure data is recoverable if damaged or lost: Yes

Data is encrypted at rest: Yes - link: Is Bubble data stored in an encrypted format?

Hi there, @oliphant… I’m guessing someone will come along and answer your questions directly, but I didn’t think it could hurt to point you in the direction of this post…

Hope this helps.


This is tremendously helpful, thanks Mike!

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