Alert box 'show message' function missing?

I want to show a popup alert when an action is performed by a user. This Bubble video explains how this is achieved by using the ‘show message’ feature (first image below), but I don’t have that feature?

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Have you added an Alert element to your page?

You need to have an alert element on the page before it will show up as an action in a workflow.

I hadn’t done that, what a dummy! Thanks for info!

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Quick question: how would I show an alert on a different page than the alerts trigger button? User updates their listing and clicks “Save”, I then immediately direct them to their dashboard where I’d like to show the alert “Your listing has been updated!”

send a page parameter and on page load if the correct parameter is present, trigger the alert

almost no capacity resources would be used to trigger this. It’s all client side so no need to update or search the dB.

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There are a few ways but probably the simplest would be using URL parameters.

You could also set something in the database (or in a cookie), but that might be more complicated than it’s worth.

In either case you’d then need to run a workflow on page load to check the URL (or cookie, or database etc.) and if a certain condition is met then sow the alert.

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hmm, how about if I show an alert “if users listing was updated in the last 10 seconds”. Something like that may work?

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Sure that could work I guess, as long as there are no issues with page load or slow connections etc. (it depends how important the message is, and how much reliability you need).

If you were going to do that perhaps a more reliable way would be to set something on the database for the listing (such as a yes/no field for ‘New’ or something like that), with a default value of yes (rather than just rely on a timeframe).

Then on page load, if the user has any ‘New’ listings (i.e. one that has just been created), then show the alert and change the yes/no value to no.

There is always more than one way to solve a problem, so see what you can come up with that works best for your use-case.

That’s a great idea, to set something on the database for the listing (such as a yes/no). I’ll try that. Thank you.

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