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How to show an alert?

Hi! I must be doing something wrong, but alert never shows up. I tried to set different animations, bring it to the front, place the trigger button and the alert in the same group, but still no result. Thanks!

Hi use a workflow to show an alert

Hi, @simon. I do set a workflow. For example, when the button is clicked > animate the alert. Is it that what you are suggesting?

Hey @d.norkus,

Alerts are a bit different, and can be actuated via Workflows > Element Actions > Show alert message. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m experiencing the same issue.

Please show me where “show alert message” is in the menu below.

show alert


Have you added the alert to the page yet? It should be right there


Hey @gnelson,

You’ll get ‘Show alert message’ once you’ve placed the Alert element on the page. :wink:


Saying it like that it clicked. LOL. I copied an “alert” from a template page and pasted on the page I’m working on. Well that ain’t how you do it i see. So, I went and looked closer to my element list and saw the alert. Added it, and viola!.

Thanks for the help.

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i placed an alert in a popup which shows when the page is loaded, but i can’t find the show alert option anyway? how can i make this work?

Hey :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community. If you have the alert in a popup then maybe you need to show the popup.

So on page load, show group. Then pick your popup out of the selection there. Hopefully that’s what you meant.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

Top tip, instead of creating lots of alerts, you can have one ‘success’ alert, for example and change the text depending on the situation.