Algolia limitations (advice from users with experience needed)

Hey guys,

Asking the community here first, as I may be missing some features or parameters here somehow. I’m testing the new Algolia built-in feature, and I’m confused by how limited it seems. Hoping I’m wrong, and that someone can point me in the right direction.

As far as I can see, the Algolia can only do a pure text search for every item of a specific data type – disregarding privacy rules and any kind of additional filters. In other words, no matter what I do, it will return every single item in my database that matches the search string.

Is it really correct that you can’t apply even a single dynamic server-side filter, or have I misunderstood something?

(Maybe I can set some static filters in the index settings, but I need them to be dynamic - such as taking a. user’s language into consideration. I also don’t want to apply :filter after the search is performed)

Hello Petter!

You can’t limit Algolia searches Bubble-side, but you can set up search rules on Algolia itself for any search that you want to run. This also allows you to leverage Algolia’s search prioritization features that allow you to set custom rules for these searches.

Hi Eve,

Thanks for replying.

As I see it, that allows me to set up a static filter such as a Boolean called “Active” having to always be YES. But it doesn’t allow me to filter by any dynamic value other than the string I pass to Algolia?

For example, let’s say I sell books. I can search for:

Book title: Yes (from search string)
Book is active (boolean): yes (set in Algolia’s settings as a static filter)
Filter by picked Genre: No
Filter by Author: No
Filter by User’s language: No

Is that description correct from a Bubble-only perspective?

For the solution you propose, I would need to pass extra information hidden in the query string, such as:

User’s query: “The Illiad”
Query sent to Algolia: “The Illiad en_en” (en_en being saved on user’s profile in Bubble)
And then use Algolia’s rules to include only books with a language attribute containing en_en.

Is that what you mean? I’m sure that method can be set up, but it doesn’t sound very secure.

For v1 of this Algolia search, we’re just sending all data of a type, no privacy rules applied; it’s meant to only be good for sites that want fully public search (like your bookstore suggestion) but wouldn’t be a great use-case for something where you need to keep data private.

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Got it!

Still see may use cases for this, but helpful to know what it’s for and what it’s not for just yet.

Are there specific plans for a v2?

Hi @petter. Where can I find the Algolia built-in feature, to give it a test?

Is it a plugin? I can’t seem to find it.

I’m on Personal (legacy) plan.


It’s only available to Professional Plan (new, not legacy) and above.

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