Algolia question

What would be better for searching for ‘keywords’ or ‘tags’ associated with a user?

Should I have one large block of text that contains all tags (even duplicates), or should I have several different database tables, and upon searching, ‘merge’ my searches?

The end goal is to be able to search for users with specific tags, and then rank them based on frequency of tags. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Further, is there a way to base ranking on frequency? Say my list has multiple instances of a word/tag. In my search bar, I search for this word/tag. I then want my RG to show that word, based on the record that has that word occurring most.

Is this doable?

I’m seeing Aloglia has an ‘exact match’ setting.

Following this guide: Adjusting the exact criterion | Algolia

I’ve done what needs to be done, but it would appear that single matches still do not rank based on frequency, even after switching my exact match from ‘attribute’ to ‘word’.

I’ve started a thread on Alogolia’s forum. Will keep you updated (unless someone else has answers here first).

Bump? :slight_smile: