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🔎 [PLUGIN] Advanced Algolia Search

This plugin is the easiest way to bring blazing fast search using Algolia into your Bubble app! :mag_right:

How I created this plugin? I was looking for a very fast search solution for my own Bubble app (about 300’000 records). Choosing Algolia was an easy step as it is one of the best companies providing this kind of services. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the existing plugins for Bubble (very high price, unclear usage and limited features) so I created my own and decided to publish it on marketplace at a very reasonable price :upside_down_face: !

This plugin is very straightforward and easy to use. It was made to allow you to use the power of Algolia search. I’m definitely going to continue developing it and bringing new features!

All your feedbacks and feature requests are welcome!

What is Algolia? Algolia provides your users with a fast and rich search experience. Your Algolia search interface can contain a search bar, filters, infinite scrolling, query suggestions, sorting, refinements, etc. These help your users find what they’re looking for and discover new products. Find more info about Algolia here.

:link: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin Page:

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It’s this plugin allows to fill the data from a selected item.?

Hi there,

Could you please provide provide more details about your use case? I am not sure I understood your question correctly :slight_smile:

When i pull data from algolia and it shown in searche results, can bubble store this data according to a specific item on the searche result.

Do you mean you need to store the data from Algolia to Bubble database? It is possible of cause.

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How to pull synced data from bubble database? Or we need to search only for information stored on algolia? If possible do some videos to explain more.

Hi @herlimtelhano ,

It is possible to push the data from your Bubble Database to Algolia using the Send Data action:

Please do not forget to upgrade your plugin to the latest version.

More info in the documentation:

Hello, I have a problem, when I load the database in algolia, I have users who have not uploaded their photos, which makes the photo field empty. When occupying the plug in and bringing the information in a repeated group, it does not appear well, but it moves where it finds information. For example, user 1 does not have a photo, therefore, the photo of user 2 appears, which if he brings it, from then on it disappears. I have tried some condition that every time I see an empty field I fill it with a photo, but it does not work. How can this error be solved? Because I understand that it will happen to me in any field that is not filled in.

Hi @estudio315 ,

Thanks for reporting this! This bug has been fixed in the latest version (1.2.0). Could you please upgrade your extension and try again?

thank you very much, now it works perfect

Can you help me with an idea? I am bringing RG from Algolia. But the list has fields that are originally relations, some categories that are created in other tables, obviously Algolia does not know that they are from there. You know how is the best way to bring or unite in Algolia this information and recreate this union. So far I have a field with the id that represent the primary key of the category that is in another table.

That’s great! I’ve 2 questions regarding your plugin :

  1. does it allow to use bubble “Merge” function to merge 2 or more Algolia searches ?
  2. does it allow to use bubble “group by” function ?
    Eg. My DB is Name / Langage / Langage value
    Paul / English / 4
    Anna / German / 4
    Paul / French / 3
    Anna / Italian / 4
    → I would like to retrieve :
    Paul / 7
    Anna / 8
    Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @estudio315 , I would say this approach has the right to exist. Do you have any issues with it? Maybe it’s not that obvious how to merge these records together on Bubble side but I think it should be possible

Do you mean the merged with function? If so, yes you can use it. It will merge two lists together :slight_smile:

Humm I do not think it will be possible… But Algolia allows to make a search request with group by parameters. It will return grouped data as the result.
I’m going to add this feature request into my list. It could be very useful for a lot of use cases!


Thanks for the quick answer.
Yes, the “group by” parameter would be very useful!
Also i had another question i forgot to ask you : does your plugin replicate algolia “advanced searches”?
In particular the parameter “Set All Query Words Optional” under : “indices”> “add query parameter” >“Search”>“Set All Query Words Optional” (at the bottom, which returns records that match only some of the words)
Would be great too ! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering. I think this should be done from the same algolia, because to bring a second related index, first that relationship should exist in algolia. I did not find information for now, restructure the database, at least in user, to better achieve the search and the ids will not appear, instead of the names. The second thing I wanted to take advantage of by asking is the following, I know you created an action to send data, does this action include update or delete? Thank you very much for the contribution

It can create or update the record. It depends if the record ID is exist or not.
I will add more CRUD operations very soon!

Hey @BubbleSam,
Does this plugin support FILTERING & FACETING in Bubble?.

Also, I have a multiple lists within a single data type…will it be able to handle it?

This plug in looks like this it seems and they did not make any further improvements, I ended up taking the one from zeroqode, but I still can’t make the facets work

Hi @estudio315 ,
Because we have a few plugins and templates, unfortunately we can’t update all of them very frequently.
However, we collect all the user feedback and once we have a list of a few new features or improvements, we release a new version :wink: