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🔍 Algolia Search - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hi Levon. I already installed that plugin. Could you explain how can I upload my data to algoria pls?
Thanks a lot.

ok solved. Thx

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I’m going to second @sridharan.s’s comments. I messed around with Algolia a bit and it’s super neat but not exactly easy to integrate with Bubble. (Purely experimental – I don’t really have a use case for it at the moment.) Happy to see Zeroqode’s attempt at making this easier to explore and potentially use in one’s Bubble apps.

For those interested in how they might take advantage of Algolia, I find it interesting to look at They use Algolia to power their product search bar. If you mess around with the site (particularly if you launch/list a product there), you’ll notice that they don’t constantly update their Algolia index. It’s only products that reach a certain number of upvotes that eventually get added to that index. (And it seems to take a day or two or three for that to happen.)

So that’s kind of a model for how one might use Algolia in a Bubble project. (@sridharan.s’s use – which seems very much geared toward keeping Algolia updated in near real time – is pretty ambitious and impressive!)


@levon Is the searchbox field required and can this search be done with using checkboxes and conditions like search is done normally with the bubble RGs?

@boostsalesgroup Hello.

Yes, you’ll need a input field for the plugin to work. However not sure what are trying to achieve with checkbox usage tho and what kind of conditions.
Algolia’s indexing and retrieving data through search bar like capabilities work quite well with bubble tools.
Give it a look and try out our demo page -

Zeroqode Team.

Just adding other filtering options too. I have played with a demo a bit.

You might get the idea from this:

Can this search box be hidden and dynamically populated?

What I’m really after here is to have a faster loading for repeating groups that are inside a monthly calendar view build on using repeating group. Bubble search is too slow for that at the moment

We’re are working on the updating the plugin’s functionality and offer a more detailed documentation on implementing other use cases, so the one you’ve described should be possible to realize.
We’ll notify the status for the update asap.

Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.

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Sounds good! I’m just looking for a normal search on filter functionality to work without a search box

Hi All,
we have just pushed a major update to this plugin improving its security and search functionality as well as adding couple of new calls


The updated documentation can be found here:

In case of any questions please let us know,

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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thanks @levon

In case others run into this, I just ran into some confusion where results weren’t returning from Algolia, despite following zeroqode/algolia documentation. I realized after some head-banging that you have to have the algolia index name in all lowercase.

dev_IndexName wouldn’t work
dev_indexname would work

thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Eric,
thanks a lot for sharing this,
i have updated our doc making an explicit note about that

I think the time has now come for Bubble to offer better search framework - why not recreate something like Algolia for Bubblers? Current implementation is poor and quickly becoming a pain point for us. Does anyone else feel this is the case?


hey @kenlaji!

We would appreciate if you could share more details about the pain points so we can address them in the current implementation as well.

What exactly does not work for you and how we can make it better?

Thanks a lot!


Well, searching through anything more than tens of records slows page loads and seriously degrades user experience. Our app has a calendar (Bubble’s own plugin) that displays appointments. Customers with over 200 appointments a month has to wait several seconds to view them on the plugin. We tried constraining the search to just two weeks before current date and 3 months into the future, but still it takes ages.

Likewise, loading a user list on a dropdown menu to make an appointment hangs for ages when the client list currently contains some 400 records.

I gather searches are done in the browser and that delays every action on the page. App logs don’t suggest there is a need for increase in compute units.

I wish Bubble would address search as a priority :frowning:

We would appreciate if you can PM me the link to your app, or add [email protected] to collaborators so we can take a look, @kenlaji.

We have several instances of implementation of this plugin where we are searching trough\loading thousands and tens of thousands of records in seconds, or even miliseconds.

The demo link in the OP is a good example:

As you can see, we’re working with 9,5K record list here.

So searching trough 200 records should not be a problem if it’s indexed correctly in Algolia and your query does not depend on some other factor, like an un-optimized internal Bubble DB query.

Which means that we should probably improve our documentation for the plugin :slight_smile:

Anyways, can we take a look please?

Ok that seems an option. I am awaiting Bubble support to get back to me on a couple of things, then I shall be in touch. Meanwhile, can you let me know the process for indexing retrospectively (when there are already records that have not been indexed in the service). Also, the pricing could be better on Algolia!

Bubble should build a functionality like Algolia and make everyone shut up about search for good!


Here’s a documentation link for you :slight_smile:
Look for Algolia - Update Object.

In short - what you need is to run this action on all the items you need to be indexed (and thus - searchable) via Algolia. You can do it in bulk via API Workflow, for instance.

To be sure you got it all - I would just index everything you have, and then add a step to update Algolia index each time you add\change\delete an object within your app logic so that you don’t need to repeat it in bulk once done.

Amen to that :slight_smile:

I’m sure they are on this already :slight_smile:

Until then - please do index your records, try to see if it works any better for you so that we can all have some nice-working search until Bubble team comes to the rescue :wink:


Thank you - brilliantly detailed reply. I will get on to this soon :slight_smile:

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@vladlarin please can you PM me? I have a few questions related to the plugin and its use which are not quite answered in the documentation.